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A Bad Decision-maker and His Inconsistency

Hello mates. How is life going?

My week is just so so. There’s nothing special as I imagined before going home. However, it’s pretty much easier at the moment to think about what step I will take. One year full of excitement had been dismissed. But don’t worry, I do have other plans waiting to be executed. Hehe.

As any other human beings who live the life as it goes, I barely could say that my future is as bright as my plan. Nope. I do have plans, but don’t you know that I’m a bad decision-maker?

I’m sort of weak when it comes to choose which T-shirt I shall wear for today. That’s why for some reasons, I rather choose to have official uniform that wearing casual outfit. I would need hours to choose the T-shirt by considering that I wouldn’t wear the same color in a week, mismatch with the pants, etc. From this simple thing, till the more serious matters like “Should I apply for this Summer Course?” Or “Do I need to enroll to French Classes?” Etc.

Those things rattled me a lot, literally. It’s been difficult to decide even though I knew that I was supposed to choose or do ‘this’ because of ‘this’. It’s getting more difficult when it comes to feeling. Frequently, I have to make sure that my decision won’t hurt other people. Indeed, it drives me crazy.

My life is somehow full of Inconsistency. However, I’m struggling against it. There was a moment when I was thinking quite much of going somewhere. Till finally I went out and was there. But, not so long, there was ‘external factor’ which made me inconvenient and stupidly I decided to leave right after.

But sometimes, thanks God, I could easily for not giving a damn about other people. I always try to not put them on my consideration when making a decision and it truly helped me. Because the one who undergoes the journey after the decision is yourself not others. People will always judge, but only you who knows what your inner voice tells.

Are you so me? XD
What’s your biggest decision you have ever made?

PS. The featured image of this post has nothing to with the article. I will write about Amsterdam and stuff later on a specific category under Traveling. Stay tuned!👍

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