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A Never-ending Job Searching

Lately, social media is filled with a variety of facts telling how difficult it is for recent graduates to find a job. Particularly, for those who just recently graduated. It does take time, not only for these inexperienced groups of people to be able to have a decent job (and obviously a monthly salary).

I did talk to some of my acquaintances, just to have some other perspective on how hard they struggle to find a job and surely how they see their life in the near future.

“I’ve been called for interviews roughly ten times, still, I didn’t get the job,” said someone.

There’s even who applied to be an intern as he couldn’t get a full-time one. “It’s the best I could choose, at least HR wouldn’t see me as a desperately jobless man,” he added.

I started wondering some common questions. “How would you feed your tummy? Pay your bills? the gas and stuff?”

“Fortunately, my parents still support me,” he replied and I started nodding, lucky him.

“But this unpaid job won’t last forever, you didn’t even know how desperate I am at the moment.”

There’s another story from a friend of mine. I can tell he’s currently stable. He’s working in a reputable multinational company, and I guess his salary will follow. But, lately, he feels like it’s not what he really wanted. “I’m thinking to take my master’s degree abroad very soon,” he said.

“Don’t you afraid of not getting a better job after finishing your master?” I asked.

“Not at all, I do have a bigger plan, which is to work overseas.”

“Isn’t it much more difficult?”

“It is, but that’s what I’m preparing if things don’t work as it supposed to.”

The third one, someone who loves his job, his teammates, but not his wallet. He truly understood that it’s quite tough to find a perfect job. Before working on his current position, he worked in a high-pressured environment, dealing with deadlines, and countless sleepless nights.

“If you were me, what would you do?” he asked.

I thought it was easy to deal with this kind of situation, but apparently it’s not. There should be a long process and lots of consideration before choosing a final decision. Indeed, it’s complicated.

“I’d rather work in a place where I could develop myself, and in a supportive environment, than in a place that’s full of toxicity.”

“So you chose to work happily than having lots of cash?”

“I didn’t say that. But, nearly yes.”

From the stories above, the work-life balance seems impossible. As human beings, we always tend to find a better place from what we’ve already got. There’s no perfect job, yet there’s always room for improvement. Be grateful and keep improving our capabilities…

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