A Recent Graduate’s Thought

A couple of weeks before graduation, I could not handle the fear of being jobless. After my junior proceed the responsibility as an editor in chief, I still had no idea what I would become with my upcoming degree. I was questioning myself a lot, literally. Do I deserve to hold the degree? Am I qualified enough to be hired in a company? Or as simple as, how I could feed my hunger and pay the bills.

A couple of months before finishing my thesis, there was a simple chit-chat among us, graduates-to-be. Some feared for not being a good student, thus they assumed they wouldn’t have a chance to be an architect. Some are fed up for being a -DEED, 3D, mockup, maquette, you name it- producer (not designer, hmm).

Not to mention, for those who don’t give a damn for what their future holds. Only a few numbers of my colleagues who truly believe that they would become future architects. My name isn’t on the list, definitely.

I used to plan my life thoroughly, but it turned out failed. I do have the B or C plan, but I barely consider the next moves I should take other than embracing the opportunity. Here I am, working in a state-owned company, neither being an architect nor a journalist, as most of my friends predicted.

I supposed to know the ropes for what I’m currently doing and where my life headed into. But I clearly couldn’t define what those are. Sooner or later things are gonna work well, and time definitely will heal. Finger crossed!

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  1. Everyone has its own timeline pal. You may not get to work on what you are passionate about now. But if you preserve the hustle in that direction, I am certain you’ll get it soon. It may not be easy, but would be worth it. 💪

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