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Loooooong time no see fellas!

What’s up everybody? Feels all right? I hope so, okay, I have been returned to my own house the place where I found my identity, earn some money even it’s not so much,where I got friend (now seems like they aren’t know me anymore ) and heloooo beloved blog!

IDK how to start a good writing, the last time I wrote was about 2 years ago (yeah besides some literature, like poems, phrases etc When I start to write anything some ideas like going down into the darkness and then lost! and left only a bad bad word like what you reading is.

And I’d already promised that I would going back through to this blog as my existence in a few years ago but the evidene is I NEVER come back , otherwise I’m busy at the moment in my real life involved school life, family, and LOVE cieeeh XD

I had graduated from high school, I though that it would be easy to find an university like we usually enroll as a new student in junior HS and HS but it was different! I had followed about three college acceptance test, they were SNMPTN, SBMPTN and STIS.Guess what? I am rejected by them. Actually I’m not too much stupid but why? Okay for the first selection SNMPTN, I realized that I deserved its rejection. Why? in the university choices, I’ve been choose Medicine program at the Padjajaran University. Wahaha *lol* it’s tooooo high bro!

2nd is STIS, I dreamed to be part of this collage but n the 1st selection I was failed. from 26k participants, there are only 2k who could join the 2nd selection. So badly disappointed

And 3rd SBMPTN, perhaps the luck is not on my side at that time, I had studied hardly, following the course, and then I got nothing-_-. there are 3 study program that we could choose. I choose Medicine program at Lambung Mangkurat University, University of Indonesia, and choose civil engineering at Diponegoro University. Only god knows!

On Sunday and Monday, I followed selection of both STAN and SENYUM UNLAM, now I have to wait for the acceptance announcement on august 2th and 5th 2013. I hope I will be accepted, amin! Thank you n advance guys for the reading, next I will write posting regularly, see

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