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Living The Life as An Angkot-Man

Since a year ago, I get used to get in to this kind of public transportation. The first reason in using it is the affordable price, especially for those who don’t have any vehicle to drive themselves. People only need to pay for Rp.4000 for a single trip to their destination, no matter how near or far it is.

When I was in pare, I got in ‘angkot’ vey often because I was as a student by then that everything should be forced to be cheap. For following the test located in Surabaya as well. Once that I went to surabaya every week just to reach the place for sbmptn, simak ui, usm stis 1 & 2, monbusho scholarship, and um unair. The tests were horrible enough in making me to kill myself instead.

Back to main topic, as we know that -angkot- helps us so much in delivering us to every place we want. Moreover, people usually don’t know the rute of angkot. It’s the problem, especially for new-commers. As for me, I have ever got in to the wrong angkot because I didn’t read carefully the rute passed by. Yahhh it didn’t only happen one time but rather more than it. #PoorMe

Another annoying thing when using angkot is ‘Ngetem’ (Waiting for others to come in till the capacity of the angkot is full). It was in june, when I was in Surabaya attending for UM Unair, ngetem took more than an hour I was so afraid of being late because the test would be in 7.00 AM, fortunately I wasn’t. Since that, every time I’m going to go for having a test, I always go out at 5.00 AM and wait the angkot passes.

After all, it’s gonna be very useful for modest family like me who doesn’t have our own vehicle to drive us everywhere. It also helps our earth in avoiding the green house effect by not using personal vehicles which can increase the polution, doesn’t it?. Just an advice, it’s gonna be nice if our publice transportation like angkot is manufactured well. Fixing and repairing the angkot will make people interested in getting on it, giving better facility and service as well, and the importance is structured driver due to many crimes happened this year, the worse is rape. By giving the name tag and id card will help costumers in knowing the driver’s identity. So if unexpected thing happens, they have known the ‘Suspected-Man’.

That’s all, see you in next post! Greeting from Angkot-Man!


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