Long-lasting Jet Lag After 25H Flight

The 25h long-haul flight I flew from Porto-Amsterdam-Kuala Lumpur-Jakarta-Banjarmasin was completely different compared to the one I took when leaving Indonesia. Not only because I, probably, already get used to it, but also the stories that I was carrying all the way to Indonesia by then.

It felt like I was having my radio on while playing the setlist that I used to listen to. Beautiful melody from Portuguese group of TUNA, Umi-No Mieru Machi (one of Ghibli ost I listened to), some ballad songs from Fado (Portuguese group too), or other catchy latin songs that easily stick to my mind nowadays which made them familiar every time I went out with friends. (Ask me personally to know further :p).

To be honest, that’s quite gross to be involved in a unreal imagination that took my mind away trying to remember the ups and downs I had undergone alongside the struggle I ridiculously attempted to.

For the duration of 25h flight with three transfers was the longest flight I have ever had. It’s weird when it comes to the effect that might occur after having a long haul flight as many people on the internet, including my seniors, have said.

I screwed everything up on my arrival here due to a lot of differences between Portugal and Indonesia. Obviously, I have been living in Indonesia longer than in Portugal, but my first day here was terribly bad. I couldn’t sleep normally like the way I did before moving to Porto. I slept according to Porto’s time instead, not GMT+8 as the currently correct time zone. (FYI, Portugal is 7h ahead from my town in Kalimantan)

I slept like a zombie, started being sleepy at 5AM, and woke up roughly at 3PM in the afternoon. Not to mention that I was staying up all night without any purpose to do so. I grumbled so much, trying to hate myself and this unfriendly circumstances as if I were not Indonesian, but foreigner instead. And also, this freaking hot weather, seriously this is damn hot which is completely different to the dry summer I had in Porto.

But.. During that 25h flight, I had no more fear but coziness, no more doubt but certainty. Thanks for everything, to those people in which their presences had been helping me a lot in order to survive. Thanks to 293 Days in Europe, 12 different countries, finished 54 ECTS in two semesters, and 220 GB online stored photos and videos.

The stories will always up!

PS. It’s 11.35 PM here, but I’m pretty much awake!


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