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My Renaissance – A Slight Intermezzo

Supposed that this blog is like unused stuffs at home, perhaps it will has been dusty as thick as 5cm because of author’s untouched. That would be possibly to happen, former post in this blog was posted in 2013 that actually now it’s been 2014 guys. Just imagine that how dusty it is, haha ignore it. There are so many interesting things I should share to this lovely blog but I’m not ready yet caused by massive disturbance around me. Starting at the unable working of laptop, hacked blog, forgot the password, and last but not least is my long-lasting laziness in writing. Thus, I didn’t do hiatus officially at that time, otherwise the status unofficially changed automatically because I didn’t feed anything for increasing the nutrition of this blog except with my twaddle which is unimportant like myself. Muehehe Methinks this is the perfect time for giving the intermezzo for my renaissance Hahaha. Supposed like a new recently published book, that’s gonna be similar as this blog. Therefore, I’m about to give you my sweetest words first before giving my (possibly) unimportant words or twaddle to you all.

During the time interval of 2013 till now, there are many impressive experiences that I have already been through. Once, the God maybe was examining me by giving me failures in getting the state universities last year. I was thinking bad a lot about him, but apparently all bad things that I imagined in putting off my higher education didn’t happen. Even now I’m really thankful to God who has given me the best path in living a year till I get the things that I have to postpone in the previous year. The main topic, sometimes, we wouldn’t know what would happen after deciding a very difficult decision. Whether you choose to study in college or not, the importance is you have to believe that the way you chose is the best at most which can give you a lot of positive effects in life.

Formerly, believe in it or not, I used to cry as I have written here about my struggle in getting a university but a ‘SORRY’ always appeared in almost all top universities’ acceptance announcement. I thought that by putting of my study for a year, I will do nothing just stay alone at home. The duties are maybe only waking up in the morning, having a breakfast, studying, watching television, and then sleeping at night. Those are all the terrible daily activities that I ever imagined. Nevertheless, in fact, as I said in the previous paragraph, I have been through a bunch of life’s lessons that I will not forget whole of my life.

Okay, I think that’s all for this short intermezzo. For those whose mind is still floating in the sky, wondering, how could I say that? I’ll tell you later. I’m still thinking how to remake this blog, make a beautiful design and great writing. Furthermore, there’re so many bugs and the worst thing is I forget the cpanel password. That’s the reason why I move to a new hosting and create a new blog. That’s it, I’m going to do meditation. Keep on reading my blog! I will show you a bunch of great things here, Wassalamualaikum!

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