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New Blog, New Look!

After debating inside, finally I decided that I had to move to another hosting provider. Build new blog and leave the old design because I don’t have the backup of the blog. OMG! That’s because my mistake in leaving my blog without managing it for about eight months.

Actually I still do love my old blog, my old blog design, but I couldn’t do much in getting my blog back to my grip. The hosting provider doesn’t give any support, I have already asked for the backup to him but there’s no respond anyway! So, what will happen to my old posts that I wrote started in 2008? Arrghhhh…

It’s gonna be difficult for me to move, eh it doesn’t mean so much, I mean the difficult one is I will never see my former posts anymore. Just like at the first time I had a blog, it was 2008 when I was in junior high school. The famous one is poem, I wrote various poems at the moment with alay characters. Just now, I just realized that I’ve ever backed up my blog posts to google drive, but the problem is the size is more than 200MB *damn it* I’m still waiting for wifi-connection in order to upload to this blog.

Then, talking about new design is the interesting one. I have no idea what design which is great to be fitted to this blog. I’ve tried some of free wordpress themes on internet but I was not interested in them, so I decided to make me my own theme by myself. I picked brown as the main color in filling the theme. Don’t try to guess that brown is my favorite color, why? because it’s not my favorite color indeed. I prefer blue to brown hehe. So why do I pick brown? I pick it in by chance.

I’m still an amateur designer, the only thing which helps me so much is google. Yeah, every time I get stuck on something, I always ask uncle google. The others, I used Photoshop CS5, Adobe Illustrator, Xampp, and Chrome.

I don’t wanna tell you the way to make this theme coz I got so many errors in the process of making it with so many trials that I did. Thus, I don’t even know which way I do first. Here you are, I do hope that you will like this one! Sayoonara!

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