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The COVID-19 Story, things we take for granted

After all the drama I experienced, this article would definitely be the last thing I’m gonna share. As the world doesn’t revolve around me, I realized that there is a priority when it comes to addressing an issue. Not only are you struggling with resources, but you’re also battling with time. The longer this pandemic continues, the more we will suffer from material and immaterial losses. Everyone’s life has been so demanding since the pandemic began. As a result, there must be a sense of tolerance as well as acceptance if we seek aid.

We couldn’t escape the fact that we require each other’s help as social creatures. I’ve had a lot of hardships in my 27 years of life, let alone when undergoing the home quarantine. Basic necessities like water and food, for example, were scarce. I didn’t have the energy to get out of bed and go out and get everything. It was more difficult than I could have imagined because I didn’t want to spread the disease to others, not to mention the mild to mediocre symptoms I had been endured.

Fortunately, several people continued to check about my status. Should I need something, they would get it to me right away. However, it was quite hard to express when I couldn’t get my thoughts straight. Consequently, many sent me pretty much everything, groceries, medications, fruits, vitamins, and a bottle of beer if my memory serves me right. The last one is without a doubt the greatest. Once you have covid-19, who would drink beer? Haha. Well, to be frank, I couldn’t thank them any better.

As I previously stated, it is not a matter of type of products, prices, or quantities; rather, it is a matter of functioning as a human who coexists in this impermanent world. Thank you for checking about my well-being and for everything else.

An apartment in Jakarta that I used to rent. It’s pretty good exanple for a decent place to stay with a wide-opened window.

Things we take for granted

During my home quarantine, I spent a lot of time contemplating and reflecting on how ungrateful I was. Plenty of stuffs were taken for granted by myself. The first is about a concern with daylight that has been bothering me for months. Since the declaration of a state of emergency due to Covid-19, I haven’t seen much direct light. We all knew that we could still get the sunlight for free as long as the sun rises from the east. Meanwhile, here in Jakarta, It’s difficult to find a decent place to stay with lots of openings. My house itself is blocked by other buildings in this densely populated area. There are some other places available, however, they are beyond considerations  due to their outrageous prices. To be fair, I could just simply step out of my room and stroll around the neighborhood. However, this pandemic has been limiting the access and making everything seem worse.

The day where I lost my ability to taste and smell was also unforgettable. Before it happened, I complained a lot regarding the food my roommate had or the things with strong odors occupied the room. After I got the symptoms, I realized how weird and inconvenient it was. Food ranging from sweet, sour, or salty didn’t seem any different. This intangible gift, that previously I took for granted, has unnoticed superpower skills. It’s just like air, we inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, yet we barely remember that we do it in every second of our life.

Being an introverted person also played a part in making me alone most of the time. Not that I don’t need friends, I find it time-wasting every now and then where I embrace the value of symbiosis mutualism when It comes to having friends. However, in fact, It’s not always like that. In terms of giving help, we should just do the best we could without hoping for reciprocal acts. I believe that the good acts should be rewarded with kindness too regardless whom I would help later on.

Do you recall the previous story about how I was unable to obtain any medication for covid-19? My sister, who works at Puskemas, handed me the precise medication prescribed by the telemedicine app –grab health– a week after I was confirmed positive. The package was sent from South Kalimantan to Jakarta within four days altogether with lots of vitamins. My family isn’t a close-knit one yet in any way they are still part of me. Aside from a family, who else would do this?

To family, friends, co-workers, and my significant other. I can’t thank you enough. God bless you always.

The END.


  • adnabilah

    I feel for you although I can’t quite walk on your shoes. As an introvert, it often gets difficult to ask around, let alone for help. Happy for you that you’re surrounded by people who care a lot and you managed to go through those hardships. Cool blog btw, salam kenal dan semoga sehat selalu ke depannya!

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