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The Magic Of Letter | Spoof Text of Palui Stories

Palui since become head of the neighborhood so much helped his friends, not only for eating, drinking, and cigarette but all matters such as paying Building Tax, Radio tax, lucis, making Identity Cards, up to pay the credit in the cooperative.

“Lui, I ask you please to make poor letter to bring in-law went to the hospital, they say if we have a poor letter we do not have to pay if we want to treated. Can you make up some of sheets that could be too be used for other needs” said Garbus.

“Don’t worry Bus, anything you ask for I certainly give. Especially if only a letter and sign my name” replied Palui.

After obtaining a poor letter from Palui, Garbus is really used it to go to the hospital, for their children to school. Everything is free and there is a dispensation because there are social rules to help the poor who can not afford.

Soon, Garbus heard the conversation between Tulamak and Tuhirang to credit the motorcycle. It seems only a matter of delivery of the motorcycle.

Hearing the news, Garbus moved to take credit of motorcycle, then he was immediately fill out the form motorcycle credit that have been provided by the company.

“Although I was a little late from both of you, but I certainly can and we will take the motorcycle together. Moreover, I will get a price break because I have a magic letter from head of the neighborhood Palui” said Garbus proudly.

Once there was an announcement that Tulamak and Tuhirang can take his motorcycle, Garbus just have to wait because he not being called, even the letter he had received just a notification that the Garbus’s application can not be granted, because he considered could never be to pay the credit for up to five years.

“Why it can be rejected Bus?” Palui asked. “While you are still able to repay up to full”. “Maybe it’s my fault” Garbus’s said sadly, “In the credit application which I was submitted to the company I also put a letter I was asked yesterday”.

“Which the letter?” said Palui asked.

“In it I was attach a poor letter” Garbus’s replied embarrassed.

The story above I took from Banjarmasin Post’s Newspaper march 2011 edition for my english task to copy a spoof text from bahasa banjar to bahasa then translate it into english (again). And for the red mark is part of the twist (funny part). So if you need this one, just free to take it.

*Warning, sorry for my worst english, I’ll gonna learn much english from today so I can get better of. Thank you for reading

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