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The Update of People, Pandemic, and Productivity

Everyone’s life has changed dramatically since early 2020. It was nothing serious when the Covid-19 hit Wuhan, China, and spread throughout the whole of China mainland. Even so, here, the virus was even taken into claimed-funny jokes by some people. One of them is that the virus was not supposed to survive in a tropical climate like Indonesia.

That statement turned out to be completely wrong. Needless to say, just a few weeks after, that virus finally hit the country I’m currently living in as well as other neighboring countries. Most people started blaming the govt for not having clear prevention against the virus. Where in any part of the world, the citizen is always right while the govt is the one who should be responsible.

Jokes on why Covid19 hadn’t infected Indonesian (Source: www.wartaekonomi.co.id)

Luckily, I didn’t involve in the joke, and indeed, it was the stupidest thing ever. The worst part is that the people are still at the state of not giving a f*ck as the virus has never existed. As a result, the infected number is significantly increasing by nearly 100.000 cases per today.

Companies gradually started to have work from home schemes, including mine (even though it’s a new normal phase already). Ever since the regulation strictly applied, my life has been completely different. I found out that coping regular issues with conventional approaches didn’t work anymore. There’s a bunch of other ways that I haven’t figure out that might work.

When it comes to working from home, we tend to have more time as we no longer commute every day during rush hour. Does it have something to do with my productivity? It obviously is. Do I become more productive during this pandemic? I couldn’t tell you.

The temptation to do a movie-marathon, a long-nap, or procrastination to an excessive workload is real. But it’s okay for not being productive, as long as we have survived this far. It’s okay to not be okay.

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