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Why “I Don’t Have Time” Does Not Exist

One thing that many people always complain about is regarding the limited time. We are so busy that we don’t have time for anything.

We do want to read a good book, but we think that we just don’t have time.

We try but to no avail.

What about spending some precious time with family and friends? We too afraid that we don’t have time at the moment.

What about sitting or lying around doing nothing? That’s a luxury we can’t really get. Because of our work, our business, and all the things that are really important to do, take up all of our time.

However, worth noting, what exactly are we doing and what exactly are we spending our time on? Because, in the office we are quite often too busy to finish work on time, to be more productive, to learn new skills, or even just to do something for the sake of career and personal development.

In fact, we are not only too busy to do anything but also often use our business as an excuse not to do something that is truly valuable and beneficial that requires real effort with tangible results.

If we jot down all the things we do in a day, we will see that what we do is the only tiny part of the business. And those already took up a lot of our time that escalated quickly. What about the rest?

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