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The Importance of Javanese

Just landed in surabaya, yah a few minutes ago. The flight isn’t tiring indeed but the driving from bungurasih to my aunt’s house was tiring enough. How could I say that? After getting out from Damri Airport Bus, I faced so many co-ticket sellers whose saying was annoying.

Offering me that tickets and I refused it, it happened many times. It’s enough in making my patience goes on. That case stopped when I’ve got into Bus P5 bringing me to pasar turi station. Not exactly in the station, my aunt’s house’s located beside Ibu & Anak Hospital.

Afterwards, on the bus, I was sweating pretty much. I bet that you certaintly know how the condition inside the bus is. It’s obviously hot and musty.Then I decided to buy mineral water from a retailer (Asongan).

Me: “Mas aqua e pinten, teh botol?”
Asongan: ” *** ngewu **** ****”
Me: (I’m thinking for a moment). “Nih duitnya” (I give him Rp.20k)
Asongan: “Nih!” (Giving the small change to me)

Could you get the point? Actually I’m not able to speak javanese. Because of other’s suggestions, if we live in java, we must be able to speak javanese or we’ll be fooled by others. Yeah, I’ve ever been taught some of javanese expression in daily life. Just like ‘Pinten’,’Boten’ etc. Thus, I practiced them when I’m in java island.

So what’s the problem? After asking about mineral water’s price, then he replied. I didn’t hear him, even that I didn’t get what he meant. It got worse because I couldn’t speak in javanese for conversiation, except the general expressions like I gave in the former paragraph. Damn it!

Next, the asongan man gave me Rp.15.000 as small change. Oh my god, if I knew the price was Rp.5.000 I would not have bought it. It’s highly expensive maaaan! It happened because I couldn’t understand what he has said.

The conclusion, javanese is highly recommended to learn. No matter that you want to live there for a while or for a long time. It’s gonna be useful in helping us in living the life, especially in east java. The last I say, javanese is important, bye!

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